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Question on Edible Limits

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2 hours ago, Mominmich2 said:


Does anyone know what the rule is on monthly limits on edibles (gummies/chocolate), when it comes to timing? When does it roll over (when is the "monthly")?

Is it in a calendar month, or 30 days from the last purchase? 

No one at my dispensary knew for sure.

Thank you

For medical it's 30 days from last purchase. 

For recreational the limit is 15 grams per purchase with no monthly limit. 

See this; October 22, 2019 (michigan.gov)

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I don't like limiting my sweetness :( When I was banned from eating chocolate for a month, I thought I would go nuts. For me, this is the easiest way to enjoy. I can also eat gummies from tillmanstranquils.com, but I eat them when I need something more than just a quick pleasure. It usually happens infrequently, on average - twice a week. To be honest, my doctor doesn't know about this hobby, but I think I will not say. I comply with his request about abstaining from chocolate and I'm not going to deny myself another pleasure.

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