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Who here has a game (or more than one) that you can replay continuously?


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I've thought about this and wondered who else has a game (or more) that you can play, replay, and then keep playing consecutively even after beating the story?

Vagrant Story - A game that really stands out for me is this classic title. Its New Game+ feature makes it easy to replay again and again though, especially for that Grand Master Breaker score/Riskbreaker Rank for boss fights that takes a VERY long time to get to, making each New Game+ worth every minute. Not to mention all the weapon and armor drops from enemies there is to get.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories - is another one that I always replay. I've been meaning to write down what combinations work and what doesn't when combining/fusing cards too, but there's already a guide that covers it, so I might defer to that.

Front Mission 3 - With my memory being so bad, the very long story of Emma's storyline I forget a lot about shortly after playing it, so I end up replaying her story a lot. :sweatdrop: I've still yet to finish Alisa's storyline.

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