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Any vintage hifi fans here?

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I'm 52 years old and only recently bought a proper hifi system. I had always relied on portable music or crappy package stereos. This past Christmas, I treated my self to the following vintage stereo components:

  • Pioneer SX-680 receiver
  • JVC Quartzlock F4 turntable
  • Acoustic Research Connoisseur Series 40 speakers

I also got an iFi Zen Bluetooth Digital to Analog Converter in order to stream to the system. I'm really enjoying hearing songs that I've known for years through a proper hifi setup. I love shopping for used albums at record stores throughout the area.

Anyone else have a nice setup?

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On 2/21/2022 at 10:47 PM, rambozo420 said:

Had a Sansui 4 Channel I Hendrixed Up NICE UNIT. Sacrificed to the Rock Gods. Pimping Pioneer Elite with Vintage Michigan Homegrown Electro Voice Buchanan Mi, Set of 15-03s and set of 18-03s (SHE BANG) LOL

Wild. I didn't know about Electro Voice in Buchanan. I'm reading all about them now.

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