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Don't hate me πŸ˜‰

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Please don't hate me for asking this, as I fully support marijuana use.

However, I recently bought edibles that had a label on them with a different dosage than what the pkg said (supposed to be 10x10mg, label (not covering the above pkg which also stated "10 servings per container"). When I opened one, there were 5 gummies,Β  not 10. Now the label also says "this pkg contains 5 individual servings per pkg" and says you can "cut it in half." The dispo website advertised these as 10 pieces x 10mg on their pictures. I'm attaching pics for reference. Is this considered illegal? Having 2 diff dosages/amount on the packaging and Weedmaps? See the pics attached. I don't want to get anyone in trouble,Β  but needless to say I'm upset and feel like this should be a violation of some MCL (MI Compiled Laws) per what I read. Anyone have advice/thoughts? I mean, if I picked up a "regular" prescription like this, there's no doubt that's illegal. Thanks in advance for your help.Β 




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