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How do I make animated videos like the Youtube channels

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I'm making a 3-6 hour podcast episode and I'd like to add cartoon pictures (like Extra credits does) and make it a video. I know this is quite time consuming but I'm willing to spend up to a year to make it if necessary. So time is not that much of an issue.
On the side, I'd also like to make short 1-6 minute animated videos (like Kurzgesagt and Spirit science do) that explain more complex topics in an easy-to-understand manner.

Where do I get started with learning how to do this?
What would work best for what I'm wanting to do?
Do they draw on a computer, or one of those smart-pads?

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Compositing 3d when the camera is moving though is much, much harder. At the very least you need skills in 3d tracking, lighting for 3d, rendering, etc. If you want the lighting and shadows to be convincing. It'll be hours of work that's really beyond what you'd normally expect a single person to do.

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