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Fentanyl overdose becomes leading cause of death for adults age 18 to 45


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Fentanyl overdose is now the leading cause of death for US adults ages 18 to 45, according to numbers from the disgraced CDC.

Official overdose numbers for 2020 were 40% higher than the previous year. Fentanyl was to blame for 73% of those overdoses. In 2021, preliminary data indicates fentanyl was involved in 77% of overdose deaths.

That 77% is a dramatic increase from the 31% of fentanyl-involved overdose deaths in 2016. The percentage has increased every year since, up to 53% in 2017, 56% in 2018 and 61% in 2019.

In North Carolina, more than 3,300 people died from overdoses in 2020.

… Wonder who is killing our kids and why and whose allowing it?


State Drug Overdose Statistics

There is a wide range of overdose death rates among the states; the highest concentration is located in the Northeast, straddling the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic regions.

  • Maryland sees the greatest overdose death rate among all deaths, with 4.68% of annual deaths attributed to drug overdose.
  • California has the highest number of drug overdose deaths at 6,198.
  • West Virginia has more drug overdose deaths per capita than any other state (52.8 out of every 100,000 residents).
  • Nebraska sees the lowest rate of overdose deaths at 0.95%, with 8.7 deaths out of every 100,000 residents.
  • Wyoming has the lowest number of overdose deaths at 79.
  • Oklahoma has seen the largest 3-year decrease at an 8.05% annual decline.
  • Delaware has seen the largest 3-year increase at an annual growth rate of 16.0%.

Drug Overdose Death Rates by state and more detailed info


More Links

  • https://cchd.maryland.gov/alert-counterfeit-street-pills-and-fentanyl-related-overdoses-in-carroll-county/
  • https://www.texastribune.org/2022/03/15/fentanyl-overdose-deaths-texas/
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  • https://www.kmbc.com/article/oak-park-teen-dies-in-fentanyl-laced-overdose/39590815
  • https://newsroom.uw.edu/resource/king-county-fentanyl-overdoses-spike-record-high
  • https://www.dea.gov/onepill



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