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Lenawee county show cause for Bond violation

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In February 2021 Michigan State Court of Appeals ruled that no judge could banned a legal Michigan Medical Marijuana cardholder from using Marijuana while as part of their probation terms. It is widely believed that this is meant to apply to bond conditions as well, and most courts acknowledge this belief. However Lenawee county, a county which is notorious for harsh bonds, prosecution and sentencing has made it clear they do not agree. My roommate, who's struggled with substance abuse disorder, anxiety and depression found sobriety on his own, prior to the issuance of his warrant on his case, he has consistently tested negative for methamphetamine his d.o.c but has just received a show cause order for positive cannabinoids despite being a medical cardholder. The Bond condition coordinator Darrin Kost called to inform him that despite being prescribed medical marijuana he will put my roommate in Jail for " A Very long time"  I have been an advocate for those with substance abuse disorder in multiple counties including Monroe and Washtenaw, this is my first encounter where a court has refused to acknowledge a medical card holders right to use Marijuana as prescribed. I myself am prescribed cannabinoids by my own physician from University of Michigan in correlation with studies in regards to Marijuana and chronic pain/Fibromyalgia and it is beyond astonishing and disheartening to me that any court would prefer to permit use of narcotics over marijuana when prescribed with someone who has a History of addiction. I am desperately seeking legal aid for my roommate as he is not financially able to obtain an attorney, primarily due to his bond conditions of random testing twice each week making it difficult to find gainful employment. Ultimately my hope is to resolve the ambiguity of the rulings in regards to Medical Marijuana and Bond conditions once and for all. If anyone could point me in the direction of an attorney willing to work pro-bono or even advise us on how to fight this I would be eternally grateful, or even an attorney willing to allow my roommate to work in exchange for representation.  Anything, I know as a recovering addict how discouraging something like this can be, and how easily one may be triggered when you're simply trying to better yourself. Please I beg anyone that can assist me to prevent Lenawee county from using a prescription against someone on bond to contact me ASAP. 

Michelle Pemberton -Sierra1559@aol.com

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