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Police found my friend’s drugs in my car-What do I do?

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When you’re pulled over by the police and your friend throws their stash under your seat. Are they still your friend? That’s up to you. But at the moment you probably are going to take the fall, pay the price and have your life turned inside out and upside down. The justice system is hungry… and it eats money to keep it fat.

In Michigan, if drugs are discovered in your car, you as the driver are responsible for them. Under Michigan law it is assumed that you have control of any property that may be present inside your vehicle, you could be arrested and charged with possession.

To Consent or not to Consent

A police officer cannot search your car without either your consent or reasonable suspicion. If a search was conducted unlawfully, the evidence might be suppressed, which would be to your advantage and possibly lead to the drug case being dismissed.

Although they may do so without your consent, the best preventive measure is to never consent to a police search of your vehicle. But if they already have discovered a friend’s drugs in your car, it’s crucial that you remain silent and refuse to give any interviews or statements without your lawyer present.

Admit Nothing

The majority of the time, when police have reason to believe you knew drugs were in your car, it’s because you confessed to knowing. Don’t make any admissions!

Police frequently act as though they are trying to help you or even say things that will make you think that cooperating with them might be advantageous for you. Always keep in mind that the police are not your friends and that admitting that you were aware that drugs were present will not help your case.

Even if the drugs in your car actually belong to a friend and you had nothing to do with their possession, the police must link you to their possession in order to arrest you.

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Don’t Take the Fall

Whether or not you knew that a friend’s drugs were in your car—and even if you didn’t—you could still be arrested. You must act to defend yourself because the drugs were discovered in a vehicle that is yours.

Prosecutors frequently hear the justification that “the drugs were someone else’s” because people are frequently stopped by police and claim that any drugs found in their vehicles were not theirs despite the fact that they were. “

The most crucial action you should take if the police find your friend’s drugs is to gather all the information and speak with an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney.

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