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Cannabis companies will progress despite rise in receiverships


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Marijuana in Michigan hit record highs last year, with organizations benefitting more than $221 million in the period of December 2022 alone as per a state report. Yet, as the quickly developing industry keeps on growing, a few organizations are starting to fall behind.

Last week, Skymint, one of the top cannabis manufacturers in Michigan went into receivership in the wake of defaulting on a $127 million credit.

Don’t be sad

Like always the smart, the strong, the ones with good product, the ones that evolve will continue to thrive and profit.

“It’s just what happens sometimes in business and you have to fight to survive. It’s a continuing evolution, It’s survivable. We have a case we have been working with that has gone into receivership and it is turning a corner and moving forward” said Attorney Michael Komorn of Komorn Law.

Komorn Law specializes in cannabis business services as well as legal defense.

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LEGAL ADVISORY – Rules, Regulations and laws may have changed after this information was posted. It is up to the reader to research and determine the current status of those items. It is always best to consult an attorney that has experience and is focused on the cannabis industry. One of the most well known law firms in the industry since 1993 is Komorn Law

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