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  •   MMMA Basic Membership - $35.00
    Yearly membership in the MMMA. Grants access to private Members-only Forum and free classified ads.
  •   MMMA Legal Defense Alliance Membership - $360.00
    Yearly membership in the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance; less than $1 per day. All paid-up members to the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance receive the following benefits:

    • Full access to the private MMMA Legal Defense Archive, which provides a plethora of information on topics and issues associated with medical cannabis patients and caregivers, citizen encounters with police, best practices and more.
    • Real-time updates on the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, cannabis reform, and constitutional issues during our quarterly conference call
    • Special discounts at dozens of sponsoring retailers and service providers, including our partner law firms
    • Priority call back for emergencies from one of our partner law firms
    • 2 hours of personal, confidential legal consultation from our partner law firms (consultation by phone, in 20 minute, prescheduled increments)
    • 10% discount on future legal services from our partner law firms
    • Membership to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association and the MMMA Members-only Forum is included​