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  • MMMA Video News and General Information
    Michigan and Worldly Sources

  • Michigan

  • Landlord rights regarding marijuana legalization.

  • Trump signs Hemp Bill - Dec 20th, 2018


    Pets will recover from eating pot

  • Michigan Road Side Saliva Testing pilot program will make a report late November

  • Nov 6, 2018 Proposal 1 passes in Michigan legalizing recreational marijuana

  • Recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan after voters passed Proposal 1.

  • Here’s kind of what recreational marijuana use will look like in Michigan.

  • LARA making online registrations for Michigan Medical Marihuana Patients in a month

  • Michigan Medical Marijuana SNAFU. Getting a license in Michigan demands high price.

  • July 2018 - Michigan adds 11 conditions to Michigan Medical Marijuana Program

  • 4/24/18 - The Michigan State Board To Decide Fate of Ballot Proposal to Legalize Marijuana

  • Muskegon Michigan Mother finds CBD is a better treatment for epilepsy than liquid Valium for her daughter.

  • Michigan Mom Amie Carter details the physical and emotional abuse of her Autistic child.

  • Cannabis helps autism - Dr Suzanne interviews Dr. Christian Bogner about cannabis and Autism

  • Michigan and Elsewhere

  • CBD - Grandma Taken To Jail

  • The Gifting Debacle

  • The Question of Gifting Recreational Marijuana

  • Marijuana gifting in Michigan

  • Michigan Cities Opt Out

  • Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Michigan commercial with Medical Marihuana patients.

  • Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Michigan legalization commercial with veterans.

  • BBC Documentary 2017 - Medical Cannabis: The Wonder Weed - 2017 Full Documentary.

  • Dr. who was tired of the hype about medical marijuana-so he investigated himself. TED-MED

  • Drug Enforcement Agency still considers CBD to be Illegal and a Controlled Substance Schedule 1

  • More states want to get rid of opioids in favor of medical marijuana which offer less side effects 

  • Tampa Florida doctor uses medical marijuana to treat some patients who have autism

  • This documentary explores the longstanding relationship of human beings and cannabis.

  • "Why is Marijuana worse than Cocaine?" Trey Gowdy grills clueless national drug policy director

  • Rep. Steve Cohen asks Dep. Director of Drug Control Policy to explain US's equal treatment of pot and heroin.

  • Other Stuff

  • FILMING A POLICE OFFICER is LEGAL: An uber driver who is also a Lawyer tells Police Officer.

  • Michigan cop calls 911 after eating brownies made from confiscated weed. LMAO -  Full Version

  • Macomb County Treasurer asks state to review Prosecutor's Bank account. Forfeiture Slush Fund...?!?!?

  • Cops confiscate phone & accidentally record themselves debating the best way to frame him. Removed Hmmm?!?

  • The Stingray: How Law Enforcement Can Track Your Every Move by using your own cellphone.

  • NJ Cops caught on dash cam then lie to Judge.  Man would have went to prison if not for the video.

  • Two Michigan State Police Officers are criminally charged. See this related one too.

  • Why has the corruption case of former MSP lieutenant Luke Davis dragged on for over two years?

  • A former lieutenant in charge of a criminal ring is being released early

  • The power of prosecutors to threaten a judge even when cop caught lying on the stand.

  • What's in today's weed? Testing the chemicals in marijuana. What happens to your brain on weed?

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