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  • Victoria Clark CPS Case


    CBD - Grandma Taken To Jail


    Michael Komorn talks about the history of marijuana and support for proposal 1

  • Detroit Police raid, charge 6 with $1 Million worth of Medical Marijuana.  All charges were eventually dismissed. See the follow up here

  • Komorn Law - Our client Ron being interviewed by Channel 7 News about asset forfeiture involved in his case.

  • Komorn Law - MSP returned the medical marijuana seized from our client during a traffic stop after we obtained a dismissal of all charges in a court.

  • Attorney Michael Komorn

    #1 Medical Marijuana Law Defense

  • Cannabis advocates sue to remove marijuana from controlled substances list in Michigan

  • Attorney Michael Komorn - What to do in the event of a Police Encounter. The 4th Amendment and Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers.

  • Attorney Michael Komorn- Understanding Some Of The Gray Areas In The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act

  • Komorn Law - Grow Green Fall Harvest Expo Michael Komorn Presentation about the MMFLA

  • Michigan Medical Marijuana Defense Attorney Michael Komorn testifies in support of asset forfeiture reform on Michigan House Bill 4158.

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