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Organic Cannabis Cultivation



How do you define “organic” cultivation?

Growing medicinal marijuana as organic as possible is important to me. If I can’t control the progressive nature of my illness, I at least want to feel like I am in control of what I ingest to make it better or worse. All of us can relate to this.


What is “organic” cultivation?

Defining organic cultivation is not an easy task as the definition varies from grower to the next. However, generally speaking, organic cultivation refers to the method of growing a plant using only biologically available sources.


Why grow organically?

Most new growers find managing nutrient additives and fertilizers easier when growing organically rather than growing using traditional methods; new growers commonly find adding chemical nutrients and fertilizers can result in fertilizer and nutrient burn.


Organic cultivation relies on a trial-and-error learning curve, allowing the grower to add small amounts of nutrients and fertilizers until the optimum level is reached. Monitoring and adjusting pH is much less important when growing organically, because fluxes will come and go as needed.


Growing medicinal marijuana organically allows the grower to have the most control over the elements the plant is exposed to, and ultimately the elements to which the patient is exposed. As an added bonus, it is widely believed marijuana grown organically smells and even tastes better!


What should your organic growing medium contain?

Ideally, organic growing mediums should have good air porosity and water retention, and provide a good source of nutrients for initial germination and seedling stages. Additionally, the pH must be adapted to suit plants’ needs and the medium should contain some beneficial microorganisms (i.e. mycorrhizae). I am talking about “out of the bag.”


I know it’s common practice to amend your growing medium with compost, but it should be noted that too much of a good thing can lead to water retention, reduce air porosity and reduce the amount of the original growing medium. Personally, I have used PRO-MIX MP Organik (OMRI Certified) to grow tomatoes organically for years and am very pleased with this product. It contains: perlite, limestone, Mycorrhizae, processed pine bark, and sphagnum peat moss. You can check out their product page at: goo.gl/UZDCo4


I recently began growing medicinal marijuana using PRO-MIX HP and have had great results!

How do you define organic? And, what products do you recommend?


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