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Question About Caregivers



If I select someone to be my caregiver the form says " person allowed to possess patients plants - choose patient OR caregiver. Can I still be a caregiver for others and grow for them? I can't find anything in the law that says I can. I want to be sure I am completely legal.



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If you chose to have your CG posses you plants. You are allowed to be a CG for a patient and grow your patient's plants. Just be sure to only grow enough plants for each patient you CG for.


Unless for example, you want your spouse to be allowed to handle the plants and you select them as your CG, but you are a CG for other patients and the plants are registered to the same address.


that is how I see it.


I have been a CG for a patient who was a CG for other patients. He liked my product and his patients were satisfied with his product. That was a while ago, but I have not seen anything to change that scenario.

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I am sure that if you become a caregiver that you can grow for five people in the State of MI. But, why would you pay someone to grow for you once you become a caregiver and start growing for others. Do you you plan on caring for five people? I'm pretty sure you can be one of those five people you grow for!

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