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Anybody Else Looking For Quality In Iron River Area $ 150.00 Per Oz

mike hunt



Found a HONEST reliable caregiver with trimmed large buds at a reasonable price in the Iron River area.


Long term supply available on a monthly basis, important that you use crop rotation, and be smart enough to use CO2 supplement for faster growth , crop rotations. Prefer indica strains and highly indica strains only, no sativias or low potency product. Small untrimmed budlets and ripoffs need not respond. If you are a Ed Rosenthal type grower or smoker, I welcome you.



Large nicely trimmed colas available now. If it is very important to have continuous supply of chemically free product, and you are tired of those making a ridiculous amount of money on their marginal product. You found the right caregiver. No games with $ 300.00 oz and every other month free crap, or nonsense here. Just genuine, honest, caregiver.



If you are looking for a Quality supplier at reasonable prices and consistent product please respond here with your private email address. I will be happy to help you find a quality connection. Better hurry only two openings left on growers card. Iron River , Crystal Falls, Watersmeet areas delivered to by dependable caring individuals. Beautiful nice DRY colas available now!


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I hope you have some luck with this.  I too live in Iron River and have been dealing with a family caregiver situation with NO consistancies in product.  Please let me know if you find someone.  I am considering growing my own at this point! Being disabled and on a fixed income makes this difficult as well so, any help in this area would be good. Thanks

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I am so sorry! I was wondering why you didn't email me. In checking; I miss typed the email address. The correct one is mothertryd@gmail.com - again, I am so sorry!

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