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I would like to take the opportunity to say thanks and introduce Greenlads Payment Services LLC to the MMMA. My name is LeRoy Greene II and I am the owner of Greenlads. At one time, I worked within the Department of Treasury, Homeland Security, and Social Security Administration and saw a great deal of information in relation to MMJ, before it was officially legalized in Colorado. Although I no longer work for the Department of Treasury, I have been following the information closely since my exit. At the same time, I have nearly 15 years in the financial payment & technology space. I have also been tracking information closely on how banks interpret the guidelines from FinCEN and will say it is very interesting.


Recently, I have been a member of the Faster Payment Task Force, which is led by the Federal Reserve primarily out of Chicago. I think when more information goes to the public about new additions for payment types, I believe that this will provide options for the MMJ industry with B2B, B2P, P2B and possibly B2G. This criteria is rather new and implementation will be updated accordingly among banks and payment service providers as things progress.


If there is any thing I may be able to help MMMA based on my experience, I am willing to offer any assistance I can in that regard. I look forward to the blogs and just seeing how things progress here. Thanks again!


LeRoy Greene II


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