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Greater Lansing Area Caregiver Looking To Provide For 1 More Patient. Excellent Strains!




Hi, my girlfriend and I are looking to provide for 1 more patient.


I am an experienced caregiver and will always have high quality meds available for my patients.


Strains I currently have available are: Blue Cheese, Vortex, Juicy Fruit, White Widow, and Super Skunk.


New strains I will be flowering soon include; Red Dragon and Vanilla Kush.


All my strains are direct from breeders, no dispensary random clones, just the best! I do take requests as well.


I also make edibles and very high grade hash.


I have patients as far as Detroit and Ann Arbor so if you are willing to meet part way, we can work something out.


Please feel free to email me at michiganbotanist@gmail.com


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