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Business Cards




I decided that if I wanted to be professional, I should have a business card. My girlfriend and I went to a local dispensary in Warren. She located a few on www.WeedMaps.com. And so we went, I needed someone to buy CaliOrange off me. WOW... the place really didn't have much in there. She noticed that their business cards were made out of neon paper. It was a great office space. . .a few chairs...as if the place was new. They didn't even have edibles in the display case, nothing.

Personally, I wouldn't suggest anyone to go there. We wasted our time. Well, next time, she said to email or call first, instead of driving an hour or so away to be displeased. I learned my lesson. We went online to make business cards, very nice. I'll have them in 21 days.


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