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Grow Room Space For Rent



H, anyone out there with info on renting space for a grow room please let me know. I got my license and need to rent a place to start my grow.





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I also was curious as to 'where'. I have a question as well, - do you or anyone know how many 'patients growing their own, or caregivers' can share one space? Like a large 24x24 garage that can be converted into a good grow area. If the 'patients growing their own, or caregivers' each toss in to cover the electricity and other things so it is of no cost for me and my meds would be free. I been searching for hours all over the web and the site and find nothing like this topic.

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I went to the T.H.C. in Michigan Expo (Medical Marijuana Expo) on march 12 and some vendors had rooms for rent in a warehouse, but I misplaced their business card and im completely lost now. If i find any info will post on this blog for you guys to know.

@ Lazy B; dunno if caregivers are allowed to "unite", recently got my license and finding out info. But im sure it could be done as long as the MMMP has knowledge of the "union". Will find out and will keep updated.

Good luck.

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Best thing to do is a rental contingent upon your grow needs & finances, 1-2 bedroom house w/a basement... separate from where you live of course will be sufficient....


Works for me, THANK GOD & AMEN...

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