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Bakers Looking To Bake, Eating Vs. Smoking



I am an experienced baker hoping to find a grower/coop who would like my baking services. I have experience in baking with cannibus. I live in Traverse City. I can make candy, cookies, brownies and whatever else people would like. I have a gormet kitchen ready to go. I believe that using mj in food products helps a lot of people who are tired of smoking or can't smoke due to some other medical condition. Smoking can also lead to other health problems. I have had experience with this, my father had cancer and he tried to smoke it but it hurt his lungs. Then he broke his ribs and you know how that went, he couldn't cough. So I made him different baked items, even made the flour and put it in other dishes for him. It really helped with his pain management and during his cancer helped with the cancer treatment. I would like to know if other people have had similar experiences.


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Yes, I bake and make candies,brownies and cookies. I have found that i like that just as well as smoking. i have enphezemia and eating is considerably better on my lungs. good luck on your baking.

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I would be interested in your baked goods and how much you would charge for them. My father just got his card and we are in Petoskey looking for a supplier for baked goods since he can't breathe as it is. I am hoping with the 15 medications he is on, that with his Medicare being cut, this will help his pain and living capabilities.

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