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Ignorant Judges

dr detroit


I wish these ignorant judges would quit playing doctor and judge cases instead. I went up against one of the most IGNORANT judge i have ever seen she is out of lapeer. she told me that medical marijuana does not help seizures The only question she asked me was were you driving with marijuana in your system. my answer was yes. I did have my card when i was pulled over. Now I'm on probation drop once a week. no more medical marijuana for me. Took dilantin for two day almost had to go to hospitable because of the side effects. Now I'm on phenobarbital for my seizures. hard time concentrating and working. my words of advice to everybody NEVER SHOW YOUR CARD TO LEO IF YOU ARE PULLED OVER


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It is hard to believe how many ill informed and biased people we have in positions of power and are using this power to inject their personal belief's on the citizens of this country. A judge should not have the right to refuse medication to a patient that was prescribed by a doctor. I agree with you completely on this issue. However.....I will never condone any person the right to drive under the influence of any medication that effects their ability to drive safely. Just because you have a MM card in your possession does not give you the right to medicate while driving our drive while you are still in a medicated state. By your own admission you were guilty. Alcohol is legal for anyone over 21 but if you drink and drive you are subject to be fined, imprisoned and have your license taken away. Your MM card is not a "stay out of jail" card. I hate not driving anytime I would like to or having to be taken to doctor appointments. I hated having to sell my motorcycle! But I could never live knowing I injured or killed someone because I chose to drive when I should not have. I feel your pain from being denied your medication. I know how I feel when I am out and do not have money to get more.

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Come on man get real fool People have been smoking grass and driving for decades it isn't like booze where ur all over the road. You can have a beer and still drive legally. This is just another loophole in a poorly thought up law that allows for more police power. Like we need to give police more power.


You know what I can't stand is people who see the truth right in front of them and turn a blind eye at it. I thank the guy who posted now I know never to show a pig my friggen card if pulled over. Cause i'm going to have THC in my system even if I haven't smoked in a week.

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