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You People Make Me Sick...



It's funny. We've been given this gift, the ability to use this product to helps so many people with so many problems.


Then we have sites like this one, who stalk the Michigan Medical Marijuana scene looking for other friendly and helpful organizations who have only one thing in mind...helping the patient base get the medication that they need. Does MMM.org care? No. They only want their name out there, only want to help their patients, and don't give a bunny muffin about anyone else. Keep your greed away from the other helpful sites, pigs.


You people make me sick.


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You must need to sit down and have some medicine!!! Your mind is all screwed up!! Everyone here and on many of the same type of sites are wonderful. I am a card holder and I can say after meeting many of the people from other clubs and from knowing many here that, This is a large group of big hearted people! will help if and when they can.... if they can't help you or don't know something and (yes, they get stumped sometimes) they will try to find someone to help. You should do more research on clubs like this one so you don't open your mouth and look foolish!!! I know everyone is allowed to have their own feelings on things but it really sounds like he has no real Idea what is coming out of his mouth!! poor thing.....just likes to pick fights.... look at his Profile Name?? Nice!! Real Nice!!!

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I wish parents would keep their five years olds off-line... :watching:


You ranted a couple weeks back about how someone had hijacked your domain and it wasn't the 3MA and you know it.

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