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Opinions About The House Bills In Legislature



Hello Everyone,


A few of the members have asked us for our opinion on the proposed House Bills currently "in the hopper". They asked us to offer our assessment of each one. Well after careful reading and rereading we now present our opinion and interpretation. Remember, be nice, its what we feel and believe is "REALLY" happening.


House Bill No. 4661


This criminalizes any growing within 500 feet of a church, school, or day care.


Opinion: This is absolutely no business of the legislature. Local zoning boards are the ones that should be dealing with this issue. We are not dealing with alcohol or cigarettes; or dealing with state or federal public land. A silly attempt by legislature to micromanage issues at the local levels. Local zoning boards are going to have to grapple this issue and deal with it accordingly, and stop using the excuse of moratoriums, because they don’t have enough gumption, sense and resourcefulness to make a decision on their own. Moratoriums and extensions of these moratoriums are just a nice way to say: “we don’t know what to do, and are scared to make a decision.”


House Bill No. 4834


Having and placing pictures on the patient and caregiver registry identification cards that are issued.


Opinion: Sounds harmless, but ask, “WHY”. The placing of pictures on the identification cards accomplishes nothing and adds an unneeded expense to the process. In the State of Michigan all persons either have a Michigan Driver’s License, a Michigan Identification Card, or a primary photo identification card. These already have a photo on it and are considered the primary source of identification. So using your primary identification card to verify that the registry ID card belongs to you isn’t unreasonable, so why have a photo?


We vehemently oppose any database for law enforcement. This is bad faith and it is trying to do an end run around the act where they are attempting to allow law enforcement the same data as the BHP/LARA. All that law enforcement needs to know is if the card is valid, that is it. Contact the BHP/LARA and verify if a card is active or non-active; period.


House Bill No. 4850


Opinion: Prohibiting the transfer between 2 people that are both registered and that clearly have the right of association is ridiculous, illogical, irrational, and bizarre. Prohibiting transfers between registered patients and registered caregivers is an act of re-criminalizing something that is already legal under the Act. Honestly, this bill is pointless.


House Bill No. 4851


Opinion: Its intention is to discourage, deter, and dissuade doctors from running the purported “signature mills” and “hotel clinics” to certify qualified patients. It is the State’s attempt to try and define the doctor/patient relationship in an overly obstructive manner. Politicans are attempting to define a doctor/patient relationship in the State of Michigan by placing a “checklist” on the physician. This is an egregious attempt by politicians to create a “rule book” for judges, magistrates, and prosecutors to “JUDGE” the validity of a physicians’ certification form.


It ignores the reality that many and most physicians will not provide a recommendation and jeopardize their medical license. If a “certification” or “hotel” doctor reviews and scrutinizes appropriate patient medical history, why should the patient be examined or treated for other conditions? Why should a patient be forced and mandated to use that doctor as a subsequent primary care doctor? The medical profession watches and polices its own, let’s keep it that way.


Since when does a judge, magistrate, or prosecutor get to put on their “medical” hat and determine if a physicians’ certification form is “proper” and "valid".


This Bill also is attempting to provide prosecution with more ammunition to now “attack” the validity of a patient’s registration card. They would be able to “question” the patient’s medical condition and try to conclude and establish if; in their minds; the medical conditions are “worthy” of the card. It is wrong for the prosecutors and judges to question medical conditions or begin to open up an issue by “questioning” the doctor who signed the certification form. Doctors should not be in the court room; period. This is an abhorrent attempt to allow “none qualified state employees” to play a supervisory role and second guess the physician. Bad and Objectionable!


House Bill No. 4852


Opinion: This is a local zoning issue; PERIOD. It’s cheap shot because local municipalities are too afraid and too worried about making their own decisions about what is in their communities’ best interest. Too timid and behaving like a “deer in headlights” they wait for “big brother” to tell them what is right and wrong so they can push the blame up the ladder. Again, local zoning issues are not a matter for the State legislature.


House Bill No. 4854


Opinion: DUH! Is it me or do I see 1st amendment violations that we now are going to outlaw a caregiver from advertising for patients?


We were planing on addressing the Senate Bills, but we were tired.


Thank you for reading our thoughts on the matter.


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