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im new to all of this.. im wondering what would be the easiest things to use and do while growing im on a limited income, and its going to come down the line where im going to have to grow plants my self. and i dont know what to look for anything im wondering if theres anyone out there that can give me some advice along the way and maybe new growers can look at this and get some ideas i dont have much room in the place im living im thinking closet sized maybe about 4 plants at a time at the most. i would appericate it.. thanks..


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yeah I just started growing for myself. spent about probably way too much $ on equipment. lol I would love to give you some advice. How do you want to grow? Organic? Hydro? Aro? or a combination of the both is the newest and creates the BEST environment for the roots! and you know what that means..bigger and better the roots, the bigger and better the buds:):) let me know what you are thinking and I could help you. I'm guessing you are up in the U.P as well?



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hey im new to mi but have had some exp in opp rooms,


1st how much space,

you can grow different ways for dif size rooms,

2nd air flow/ movement exchange is important,

3rd light foot print,

make sure you have the right light

lums for your size room

and there is youtube for stuff

so there you go :thumbsu:

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