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Protesters Needed



Its Carllewis again. Township gave me another ticket on my farm. They really dont like marijuana. TOUGH bunny muffin WE PASSED A LAW!!! Anybody that can, post here to go to court to protest. 8:30 9/30/2011 Flushing. Ill post address later. ENOUGH PEOPLE SHOW ILL HAVE A PIG ROAST AT THE FARM after court


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I wish I could organize a protest against Gladwin county officials..The courthouse and jail need to be picketed.There are many being assulted by their bigotry and drive to make money off sick people on MJ...I am wrapped in it now and I see many others have been screwed here. I was in jail, vomiting because I was sick from the stress of what they were doing. They made other inmates clean up my vomit without proper training for handling haz mat biologicals...The civil rights abuse is dumbfounding.

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If they are going to put extremely ill people in jail for having any level of MJ in their system even with a license, they should be prepared to deal with sick people and not make other poor inmates clean up a sick persons waste and then put others in that cell without surgical sanitation...Every person in jail has a mother or father or someone that cares about them. I don't have HIV but, I would NOT want my son or daughter to be cleaning up stuff like that without proper education and protection. Putting legitamately sick people in jail just because they know you have THC in your system at a road check, taking them down to a hospital and putting them through 24 hours of terror and hate in intensly lit room...it passed being heartless, it is criminal. Only a criminal mind would torture people in this manner. TO pay a state to have a license and then to be prosecuted by the state is a riddle that I can not figure out. If they do not want you to drive with THC in your system, they should not be taking the money for both license....they are cashing in on it both ways and Counties Like Gladwin are the worst.

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