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12 Oz Is All That Is Smoked In One Year

King of weed


If you use a quarter a week that comes to less then one pound more like 12 oz.

So the laws say you can possess more then one plant, which if grown correctly will produce over ten pounds of buds. If you grow according to the laws then you are almost for sure going to possess to much Cannabis.

The laws are wrong and were made to limit the amount, yet they state you can have more then one plant.

I have seen plants that produced over ten pounds each, my point is that the normal use is under one pound a year.


The weight of one can of beer, or the weight of three quarter pounder cheeseburgers from McDonalds is the same weight of Cannabis which is consumed by one person smoking Cannabis in a year. And for that small amount our government still arrests people every 17 seconds for possession in states with and without medical use laws.


If I grow one plant I would only need to do so every ten years, if I grew twelve plants I would for sure have over hundred pounds of buds, enough to never have to grow any more. The laws must be addressed because as they stand they are still part of the problem, and the cause of federally funded discrimination against non violent tax paying pot smoking voters.


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Well nice job on the large yield per plant,I know a lot of growers(most)that are unable to cultivate at that level, especially indoor growers.


Sounds to me that you only smoke your meds(small amount)and may only need to grow a limited amount for your condition. However, this is not the case for everyone. If you depend on an extraction process to obtain your meds, the need for more raw product(buds)is increased exponentially. With that being said,12 plants may still not be enough.


Bottom line, this is medicine, you and your doctor are the only ones that should be in control of your treatment, not the government.

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For sure you may get ten pounds outdoors in northern California, but not in a small indoor personal garden. Indoors we can yield up to 4 ounces a plant (on average) per 1000 watt HPS. I make a tincture with a ounce that only lasts about a week, plus I still puff occasionally for those moments of instant relief of pain. If you only need a qurater ounce a week, well then that may good for you, but not the "real" sick pateints! And have you did a complete and thourough research on how much cannabis that one needs for certain levels of illness, spasms, pain etc...? I bet you have not even got close to the real answer either!

Don't put your foot in your mouth, oops, looks like you already did LOL! Personaly I think to have a good successful perpetual garden, we should be allowed 16 plants, not 12...

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