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Call For Recipes For The Midwest Cultivator

Announcing a new column in The Midwest Cultivator: Cultivator Cooks


Do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share in our trade journal? TMC will be profiling marijuana recipes in our new column, Cultivator Cooks. We'll profile the chef, the recipe and also discuss the medical issues that the medicine is treating. For example, "Every Saturday Bob Green picks up potatoes, onions and peppers at his local farmers market. He says he loves supporting local farmers to make his famous Happy Hippy Hash, including his caregiver, Dorothy, who cultivates and provides him with Burgundy Kush-a specialized strain that treats his Crohns disease."


Ok, so ya'll clearly will have to educate me about strains, diseases, and cooking. But that's why I'm coming here, to you folks. Because you have the knowledge. I just write it down.


This will be a loud and proud column, one that celebrates our new law, new rights as patients and brings cooking with marijuana to the larger population.


Please email myself directly at submissions@themidwestcultivator.com Just tell me a little about the recipe and yourself.


Thanks much. I look forward to working with you.


Charmie, Editor of The Midwest Cultivator

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Charmie try this. Its very popular with my group. It is called Groovy Spaghetti

6 oz. spaghetti noodles cook noodles 8 - 10 minutes.until al dente

large fry pan add olive oil, garlic,tomatoe

basil,cannabutter,black olives, & arugula.

Then put spaghetti on a big plate or leave

in the pan. Add noodles to mixture . mix

well. add cheese on top. Eat and enjoy.



serves 2 - 4

4 tbsp extra olive oil

10 cloves garlic thanks, Kim M. Zimmer

1 lb. tomatoes

1/2 cup cananabutter prez Tri-City Compassion

1/2 cup crumbled basil Club

4 oz. cheese grated

salt and pepper to taste

1 oz. arugula leaves

1/2 cup black olives

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