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I am getting sick of the fear and stigma I am hearing over HB4834. I agree medical information should be kept confidential, however in circumstances where the sharing of our information is beneficial to us as patients should be permitted. We are protected to grow and consume cannabis by state law. I personally don't care if any police officer knows I am a medical patient. That is not something I should be afraid to share or ashamed of. That is part of the problem, to many people care to much about there being percieved as a "stoner" and not a patient! I have personally spoke with police officers who are completely on board with medical marijuana. They curently have no way of identifying a legal grow other than preforming a raid.

I know of two close friends who run legal grows under state law and were raided by there local police(one in Livingston County, the other in Washtenaw) The raid in Washtenaw county resulted in nothing other than the fear and anxiety of having a swat team knock down your door at midnight, and the cost to replace the front door. My friend showed the officers his grow and his paperwork, they made sure everything was legit and told him have a nice night. My other friend was not so lucky.

His home was also raided around midnight, he was not home at the time. The police proceeded to steal all 36 of his plants. There reasoning was "outdated paperwork", he had the proper paperwork posted on a seperate wall in the grow. He was charged with felonious manufacturing and distribution of marijuana. After over 2 months of legal battles and being forced to take a breath alyzer daily and drop for urine tests randomly twice a month, all charges were dropped. If the police had a way to see he was a legit medical patient the raid never would have taken place.

If you are scared you are gonna get pulled over and harrassed for having marijuana then you should protect yourself. Keep all usable marijuana out of reach while in a vehicle. To be scared that the police will know you are a medical patient is counter productive for our movement. We are not criminals, we are patients. We need to carry ourselves as such and stop being so paranoid. Justice will prevail.

I am a proud father of two children under the age of 4. If they were subjected to a gun being pointed at them or me in a raid would break my heart. I would much rather the police know who the legal patients and caregivers are, than to be subjected to the wims of whatever task force is in the area.I am not a criminal! I have nothing to hide! I think getting everything out in the open would be most beneficial to all parties; paitents, caregivers, law enforcement, and concerned citizens of our great state.


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In regards to your comment "I am not a criminal! I have nothing to hide!", Your statement is UNAMERICAN no one has the right to invade anyones privacy. I do not run around telling people what other medications I may have to take so why would this one be any different. If you are willing to give up your rights then go right ahead but DO NOT speak for me!

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Judging strictly from the use of your word "Un-American" regarding the statement "I am not a criminal! I have nothing to hide!" I am going to assume you are quite ignorant. What is "UNAMERICAN" about not being a criminal for taking my medicine? Why should I need to "hide" in order to be "American" My privacy would be more invaded by some agency busting in my front door in swat gear and handcuffing my whole family at gunpoint just to verify I run a legal grow (This does happen!) I would much rather someone know my status as a medical marijuana patient!

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Being a medical marijuana patient is a private concern and is covered under the HIPPA Law. The fascist thugs who call them selves police should not be raiding anyone's house over marijuana period! It doesn't matter if they are a patient or a recreational user. The war on drugs is a scam used to steal from the people. There is no victim in using marijuana... So how is it a crime? Because some fascist bureaucrat says so?


Cops need to be doing real police work instead of stealing from the people. The real criminals are those who wear blue. They are given the legal authority to steal, cheat, lie, entrap, torture and murder all without consequence.

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