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The Roots Are Deep In My Thought.



blog-0057938001342919947.jpgOk where do I begin? What's the dealio? Why is everyone in such a state over clones? *ducks* Sorry I was sure the gawds were going to strike me dead! Who knows they still might. Being I was politely told that posting such adverts about clones was not allowed I moved on. Well not really, I posted a little diddy that was nothing more than a little rhyme that was so general it was silly. It was quietly removed ( cause I can't find it NO MOE! ).


Sec. 4. (a) ...


and, if the qualifying patient has not specified that a primary caregiver will be allowed under state law to cultivate marihuana for the qualifying patient, 12 marihuana plants kept in an enclosed, locked facility. Any incidental amount of seeds, stalks, and unusable roots shall also be allowed under state law and shall not be included in this amount.


Unusable roots? What exactly does this mean. Who in their right mind would keep unusable roots in the first place?


With my own personal experience with the law was no big deal, at the time I lived in a mobile home community and was married and had step children living in the home. The "children" who were teenagers at the time were in trouble with the law constantly and I had them at my door on at least a dozen occasions. Every time they would show up I would get my card out to show them prepared to let them come in and take a look to make sure I was complying to the law. At no time did any of the officers care to even look at my card nor did they want to come in and see anything. At the time I had dozens of rooted clones in veg but only 12 in flower at any given time. Thing is most police officers don’t even know what the rules are or how they work or what they mean. The ones I have been around don’t even want to be involved.


So what I guess I want to know is do the admins here think the special medical cannabis forum police are going to show up and hold them accountable for what their users talk about on here?


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