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This "line In The Sand" That Helps Me To Sort Them Out.



I am a medical marijuana patient. A cannabis consumer and a cancer patient.


Most of our potential employees are still willing to put me in jail. If I vote for them, I am agreeing with them.


That simple "line in the sand" helps me to sort them out.


Again .. why hire someone to hurt you? It's like you are taking out a contract on yourself.


Vote for someone that isn't willing to put you in jail for a herb. Don't agree with someone willing to send armed thugs into your home.

Consider working against those that have made a hard promise to put you there.


Every so often we hire a group of people to be members of our government.


Many of these people that we hire have stated they desire to put us in jail for our cannabis use.


We hire them to smash the insides of our homes. Steal everything of value we own. Take our children away from us. Inflict physical pain to our bodies. Ruin the rest of our lives. All before putting us in jail.


If I hired someone to do that, I would probably be put in a mental institution. I would be described as having self destructive tendencies. A danger to myself and those around me.


Yet every time we vote .. we do the same thing over and over again. We vote (hire) the lesser of two evils. And every time it's someone that is willing to harm you.


Stop voting for people that want to do that to you.


Don't vote for one of the evils.


If you don't know, for a fact, what the candidate from either of the two big parties thinks about you, vote Libertarian. Vote "I don't approve."


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