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Michigan's Medical Marijuana Program
By Laura Sternberg,
Source: About.com

Feb 24 2009

Michigan’s Department of Community Health has a webpage devoted to the status of Michigan’s new Medical Marihuana (one of two acceptable spellings of marijuana) Program. It includes information about the administration of the program, application forms and a frequently asked questions section.

Quick Summary:

The program will go into effect on April 4, 2009. At that time, it will become possible to obtain an identification card to grow and ingest marijuana for medical use. It is important to note, however, that while registration will exempt you from Michigan’s criminal laws for medical Marijuana use, it will not exempt you from Federal laws. To obtain the card, you must fill out an application, pay a $100 fee and obtain a certification from a physician that you suffer from one of the qualifying medical conditions, including Glaucoma, Cancer, Aids and Crohn’s Disease (to name but a few).

Finding a physician is left up to you because the program does not make referrals. There is, however, at least one medical clinic that advertises it will help medical marijuana patients when the program becomes operational. It is aptly named The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation Medical Clinic and is located in Southfield. Note: The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation operates clinics nationally.

While the doctor can recommend marijuana for a qualifying condition (and sign a certification to that effect to submit with your application), it is important to note that the doctor does not write a prescription, nor does the program provide information about how to obtain marijuana seeds and grow plants. In fact, as noted by the site, there is no place in Michigan to legally purchase marijuana.

The program also limits how, when and where marijuana can be used for medical use. For instance, it cannot be smoked. Nor can it be ingested in certain places, including public transportation, school grounds, etc.

Note: The use of marijuana will probably not be covered under your medical insurance.
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