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From: 8 Heroin Ods In Washtenaw County In 2 Days




Officials: 8 heroin ODs in Washtenaw County in 2 days


Saline — Police and medical officials in Washtenaw County are reporting eight heroin overdoses, including one death, over a two-day span.

A 27-year-old Saline man died last week after Huron Valley Ambulance personnel attempted to revive him for 30 minutes.


AnnArbor.com says seven others were hospitalized. The overdoses came from Saline, Pittsfield Township, Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti Township and Ann Arbor.

Huron Valley Ambulance spokeswoman Joyce Williams says the rash of overdoses “had some eyebrows raising.”


Officials said last year heroin was becoming an “epidemic” in Washtenaw County, and the recent two-day snapshot appears the trend isn’t slowing down just yet.



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I have been to my seventh funeral since New Years day this week.(Heroin od's)

Heroin is/has killed everyone I knew growing up.. I have been to at least 25 funerals of kids under 35. This drug, Heroin has been killing my friends for 8-10 years now but its crazy bad lately the last year or two has just been insane.. 2 -3 funerals every couple weeks..

If you have a problem please seek some help, not many places to turn to when your a addict though. I understand that, this drug is the devil anyone on opiates  (pain pills) that can't afford them please don't try heroin you will die.. I promise its easier to quit now before you die.

There is someone that loves you out there, ask for help!

Hell hmu.. I'll talk with you, I know them feelings its tuff out there.. but stop doing heroin or you will die. Hit me up in PM's if you need someone to talk to..

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I just was pondering the thought of the side by side stats of deaths from Cancer vr Heroin and or Suicide from depression (drug dependent people are generally depressed)

I'm not a go to church kinda guy, But I have faith in my own way (Faith, is tattooed on my forearm)  right now I'm saying a little prayer for the families being effected by the drug.. ruins them first just dealing with the stress of dealing with a addict.. by the time death comes the family is so exhausted they may as well have been getting high with them cause they are dead inside now too.. my heart is dying today missing another friend.. its not even their fault..

There isn't help for them, and when there is they would rather die than man up and get clean, or they get clean and relapse, when they relapse they don't realize their tolerance is lower and use the amout they have been used to and BAM dead.. please get help, so you can live to help someone else.. it cost 10cents for a shot of life saving Narkcan (not sure if thats spelled right) but the hospital bill is outragous when one shot can save your life in just a few seconds and it only costs pennies why doesn't the government provide this to addicts.. most addicts get super pissed and will refuse treatment cause they don't want that nod to be taken away even though they are on the edge of death.. they are fighting to die.. its so so so sad..


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