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Michigan Caregiver - Can A Helper Be Hired To Care For Plants?



Never did a blog before --so plz forgive m-- but do reallyneed help with the Title question.

I need to know if it is legal in Michigan to have a helper - help take care of Med Marj plants and to help process-- plz can anybody help me with this?


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The Caregiver IS the helper for the Patient and plants.  A Caregiver that needs help, needs a Caregiver.


To be helpful.  Help with washing containers, loading growing medium into the containers, moving the containers into place absent cannabis plants, waterproofing and constructing the grow room.


A helper can help with a lot that doesn't involve contact with the plants.  Only the Caregiver can access the plants.

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My understanding is that you may hire help, BUT, anyone having contact with the plants, trimming, etc. needs to either be a.) one of your patients with his/her card, or b.) a cardholder. NOBODY without a card is allowed to be in contact with plants or product.  This is the how the larger operations do it.


I could be wrong, so don't quote me. There are many MMJ attorneys who would be happy to answer that question in a phone call. ;)

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I wonder.... the ADA (americans w disabilities act) all business have to be wheelchair accessable or sued. why couldn't a physical disabled person pay someone to do their manual labor.... McD's has to answer to ada but MI doesnt

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