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Jame's Story



My name is James Rose and I live in southwestern Michigan. I was raided by the state police today. I was in compliance with state law having an enclosed fenced area for outdoor plants. I had 24 outdoor plants within the locked gate system, locked by 2 locks at the gate. I had 32 indoor plants locked with a coded deadbolt lock inside a barn style garage. They took all my outdoor plants because they were saying the top of the fence was not fenced. That violation gave them the right to take everything including the indoor plants that were securely locked. They took all my manufactured and cured cannabis which totaled about 4 ounces. I do not know if I will receive the felonies they listed to me. I will be told via phone.


I have a clean record and have never been to jail. I work with emotional impaired students. I just try to guide them in the right direction instead of the carousel of negativeness. I work at a school as an outreach worker that will now probably be taken away from me, regardless of the outcome, because of the slander that will peruse. I'm a special Olympics coach for the basketball team at the school that I've work at for several years. I also volunteer my time as a chaperone for the Special Olympics track team. I have a wife and two beautiful little girls.


I am trying my best to deal with this situation but I need help. I need support for a push in the right direction with the Michigan law. If anyone can give me advice or help please let me know. I don't have enough money to fight this in court. Most lawyers want more than I have to even discuss the situation.

I'm asking for compassion and understanding. LETS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


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I hate being in limbo about this situation. I still do not know if I will recieve charges or anymore than the details discussed. I have a good feeling this could be thrown out. If it doesent I will be in for a long bumpy ride. I will keep details of my case current.

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I'm feeling a lot of negativity about my situation. The more I wait; the more it sinks into my heart. A battle in my head everyday as I work. The state took more than my plants and manufactured.

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Will be at the cannabis cup tomorrow. Even though I'm sure I will indulge some; the true intent is to gain support for my case. I will have a yellow highlighter color shirt with sirlongsmoke on the front. Please stop and visit me if you see me. Thanks!!

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Had a good time at the cannabis cub in Clio, MI. Really got to spread the word of my story especially in this bright yellow highlighted shirt. Within 15 minutes of being in the expo area I was able to talk with Russ Belville, radio host of the 420 radio. Speaking about my incident and spreading the injustice of the justice system. Thanks RUSS.


I also got to speak to various people of the Michigan NORML. With compassion They guided me in the right direction regarding the issues I faced. Got to obtain various bits of information regarding anything cannabis related.


It was nice that everyone respected each other and had a good time. Being able to visit booths while medicating also was a plus. Thanks for all

Who helped!!

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The results of the case were giving to me today, as far as the arraignment goes. From what I understand I will be charged with a felony conviction of manufacturing marijuana tied along with delivery and the intent to distribute. The maximum sentence for this is 5 years in prison and $20,000 in fines. As I stated before I have never been convicted of any crime besides a minor in possession of alcohol long ago as a youngster.


The judge I saw today was Dennis Wiley of Niles. Dan (my lawyer) did an excellent job of guiding me through the process. He has done many good things for me. His drive really flows positive through my situation. I had to post bond and now have many restrictions on what I can and cannot do. I have a curfew, cannot enter any place that serves alcohol or be around anyone consuming, cannot be a caregiver, posse any medicinal, etc.


All these requirements for someone who is not proven guilty makes me think the system is backwards, such as guilty until proven innocent. I have the next court date on the 21st. This is classified as the preliminary exam. From people I have conversed with, this is where they will ask me to plea for a lessor offense, but I am not sure. Dan will update me tomorrow with further details.


The next date I have on my information sheet is the 22nd for the exam.... Can anyone give me information on what this actually means? What does that entail? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Like I stated I will be updated with more information tomorrow.


When I know more so will you!



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