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Hello My Family Can't Thank You Enough




it's not so much what information we got but that we saw there was a movement and the people behind the movement and not just a couple people in back of a bar.. This is a movement I can't wait to be a part of it.We hope to be a resident on Tuesday I look forward to the UP. I visited but always regretted to having leave. My family hopes to be a big part of the movement and i hope to shake everyone's hand one-day.we will be looking at apartments on Tuesday throughout the UP, and will make a selection by June 1 Then make their move to become a part of the lovely UP.I have to tell you I've always felt welcome in the UP and thought of the state as being filled with gentle souls. well goodnight I hope to speak with all of you soonbiggrin.gif



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420Peace bonedaddy4u,


Welcome to the Great Lake State...

We need like mmj minded folks like you in Michigan.

Please register to vote and take as many Marijuana People to the poles as you can...

Our movement is strong

Still we have to be viligant against those who want to subvert our new mmj law...

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