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I'd have to pass. I would rather play golf with Tiger Woods. Somehow, I just don't trust the President. I'd be too afraid he would have me arrested. I would rather smoke with the Fox News Crew.


obama wouldnt do that. maybe bush, but not obama lol. i can already see it...each of us hittin the blunt back and forth and outta nowhere the secret service kicks the door in and arrests me cause the prez wants to smoke the rest to himself lol

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I would thank him for; putting country ahead of politics, opening up the lines of communication with other countries, not pushing democracy with a bayonet, treating science and scientists with respect, not threatening to bomb every country in the mid-east. I could go on.

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I would let him know that he gave many the Audacity to Hope, and he would be a failure in many peoples eyes if Marijuana was still a prohibited commodity by the end of his run as OUR president. Even the President, Obama admires a great deal (Lincoln)implied that prohibition was a bad. I would also comend him for getting anything accomplished due to the acrimony and negative enviroment the Right Wing Loonies have created, but Health Care without a Public Option is not enough reform.

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I'd ask him to get off his a** and decriminalize it at the Federal level by executive order.


Save some lives and put the 'bad guys' out of business.


Then I'd ask him to pass those warm, thick, chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookies the White House chef just whipped up and that my tax money paid for.


Then I'd ask for one of those cushy gov jobs before he got couch lock and forgot who the hell I was.



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