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What A Day!



Man, I have got to say... Im not sure what places you have been to, and what places you havent been to, but I can tell you that C.A. in Mount Pleasant and Lansing gave me the BEST experience Ive had yet as a patient.


The staff was friendly, and the selection was GREAT!


I remember when Greg Francisco was setting all this up, and I can tell you for a fact that this is what Greg wanted to see, and I for one and DARN PROUD that someone is doing it right. It's going to help the entire medical community to get behind these guys, and these guys have done a lot for us!


I dont know what your experince was like, but I say "THANKS C.A. !!! You made my day"


And I can also tell you for a fact that... YES! They ARE open. I think they always will be.




G Gygax


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