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I wonder if the MMMA has ever thought of switching gears a little in order to help out the patient community, and clear up some blog space.


Here's my thing... it seems like I see a WHOLE lot of complaints, and whining all the time. And then I can't help but wonder if opening the whole thing to menu's, and pricing, and all that jazz might just renew some interest, and allow the patients to have access to a lot more info, and op-ed type reviews.


I swear some people forget that a year and a half ago, NONE of this was possible!!! I was geeked to find groups of patients and people willing to help out, and help the cause, so I try to optimistic about all of this. And I, for one, dont find it too hard.


But yeah... If I were to have ONE wish granted, it would be let my local place tell me whats up before I get there!!! And to see more HAPPY COMMENTS of the MMMA site.




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