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Apparently, the folks at Compassionate Apothecary have been invited to make a "P.S.A." by a major t.v. company. And this is after speaking with a league of other "dispensaries" that don't want to be called "dispensaries" and are determined to defend the safety, the legitmacy, and the NEED for cannabis services that are based on the Patient to Patient model.

Either way, if the civil case at C.A. DOES go to the next level, the others would be foolish NOT to get behind C.A., and get behind them QUICK. I was in the courtroom supprting C.A., and I know that if ANY case out there has the merits to move this forward, this one does.


UNITED WE STAND! DEVIDED WE FALL! Its time to educate the public.


Meanwhile the farmers at C.A. are doing a fantastic job. The display had 16 strains today including Blue Dream, and new farmers were coming in as I spoke with the manger David.


Still planning on going downstate to see what other places are doing, but Im just closer to Mt P.



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