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Ok I Am Confused On How Many Days After They Check Cashed Can You Use Papers.



when i first got my card it said 20 working days after they cashed check. NOw i am reading in here and NO where does it say WORKING DAYS now. When did that change and who changed it? Cause at our meeting today i had mentioned 20 working days and others said no.And when i looked on here tonight. I did NOT say working days...So whats going on? Did ome one change this on us?


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"sent in forms on 12-09-09

check was cashed on 12-15-09

issued date 12-29 09"


"11-5-09 - doc signed my paperwork

11-5-09 - I mailed my paperwork

2-13-10 - got my card

date of issue is 11/25/09"


These are from the "Card arrived today" forum. There are many more, but if we look at date cashed and date issued, then we see that the state of Michigan does NOT require 20 business days, just 20 days. So LEGALLY you are good if 20 days have passed since your check was cashed.

Having said that, I would listen to Marijuana Ranch's advice and lay low til 20 business days have passed.

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It use to say 20 busniess days after they cashed it, I troed looking for it on here and i can not find it now. I am not sure if it is cause the new format and i am not looking in the right new place or what. But i rememebr it said 20 businesss days. If they are getting them out faster thats great. MIne was 20 business days on the money. I remember i think i might ask this question to a attorney.

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