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So ... Now What - Lawful Doesn't Mean Legal

Alan Shore


"When a cause comes along and you know in your bones that it is just, yet you refuse to defend it - at that moment you begin to die, And I have never seen so many corpses walking around talking about justice."


I suppose I should preface my remarks here by saying that - NO one is paying me a retainer and you should feel no more inclined to believe/follow or do anything I tell you here- more than you do say reading foxnews. I speak plain english, very plain and direct - I occasionally swear and say mean things to people who disagree with me and I never apologize for this. I HOPE YOU CAN ALL TAKE IT.




ONE PART that troubles me is, this isnt the police seeking drug dealers- this is the police seeking to present their opposition of a new state law and then UTILIZING the threat of arrest detention and prosecution to further this very narrow minded silly billy goal. - I was asked to look into a Genessee County Michigan case where a judge abusing his discretion nearly violated a mans rights/ plainly a reversible error clearly contradicted by statute- that may have had serious secondary implications on more than one level- low and behold it was avoided. THE BLOG LABELED JURY TRIAL - look it over and read my post




Police are not your friend- I am so tired of people who refuse or fail to understand that factually- the policeman is likely or potentially "your" JAILER- so I'd be darn careful about what you tell him- so much to the fact that besides my name I would never say anything for any reason absent advice of counsel.


He isn't "your" policeman- he is THE POLICEMAN in Michigan they say "friends don't let friends drink and drive", the new slogan should be "friends also don't carry handcuffs/guns/badges drive police cars or arrest you" friends don't do these things- the police are not your friend.


They also are NOT spiritual advisors and should not be consulting you about your conscience. I have never met a guy in jail who needed a priest more than he did a lawyer usually the priest comes later. While at the police station - don't be concerned with your conscience, the ONLY thing your conscience should do- is tell you to ask for a lawyer and remain silent.


the police are NOT your friend


THIS IS YOUR POLICE - there are jurisdictions with sheriffs and police chiefs who, while they may not support this legislation- understand that overwhelmingly the people choose to legalize certain cannabis uses. These authorities have appropriately modified their application of law or methods of policing so as NOT to unnecessarily or unlawfully inconvenience the citizens engaged in cultivation or use of cannabis per the state law.


For every "Just or reasonable" court case there are 14-19 wrongfully/inappropriate/unlawful cases filed in the state of Michigan (per my searches of public records-the Press and I have a pretty decent budget & its not like I work alone here I have a information network thats more than 30 years old there)


I once heard a Judge say..." A free society can exist only to the extent that those charged with enforcing the law respect it themselves...A society cannot long remain free if; it permits law enforcers to select individuals arbitrarily, and then to proceed by deception to persuade, cajole, entice, and implant a law-breaking disposition that was not theretofore present.- from time to time I like to demonstrate that while I exist here as everyones favorite Television lawyer Alan Shore I do actually have a great wealth of success and experience within the law and more than 30 years experience growing and smoking my own in Southeast Michigan.


there are NO SMALL civil rights violations.... there are NO SMALL constitutional violations.... every Violation uncontested is deemed permitted or licensed that means... if you dont object to a person violating your rights- YOUR ASKING THEM TO DO IT AGAIN


I am not sure this was the proper place or method to pound my stake in the ground but...


This is a good cause and I must defend it...


Alan Shore


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Sad but true. Law enforcement is as guilty as any criminal in terms of skirting laws to obtain their objective. "To protect and to serve"...add to this..."their own". I have had several family members and friends through the years who where in LE. It was very disappointing to see what goes on behind the scenes...there is definitely a general "us and them" attitude as is with any ruling force, especially those with badges and guns.

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the police are not your friend. Gee i hope that everyone knows this by now lets keep telling them as some still don't know Thanks for your supportPeace from the frontBob



I lookerd but failed to find the post you messaged me about

I use yahoo email


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