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The 3M A Did This!

Ms Chocolate


Under the Michigan model, a compassion club is an outlet for education. It is not a store or a place to buy and sell marihuana. I believe the main factor in compassion club being lumped in the same category as dispensaries and social outlets is because the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association has allowed for dispensaries and the like to be sanctioned as compassion clubs under the 3MA’s umbrella.


It was also the 3MA that made caregiving a business by announcing that a person could make $50,000 a year. You now see ads saying $100k - $150k per year.


The public sees the 3MA as a legalization organization. Even thought the title says “Medical”, most of what is posted is not. Not only that, but under the law, medical use is spelled with an “H”, recreation use with a “J”. Note how this group name is spelled.


It is the type of things that the 3MA had been saying and doing that are biting us on our arses now. The 3MA created much of the crap that is being tossed at us. We partied, danced, bragged, and spent. We created businesses were the public expected compassion.


I purchased a lifetime 3MA membership because I be lived in what I thought the 3MA was about. Our legislators are attacking us, our cities are at our throats, the public is feeling used. We dug this hole, how do we fill it?


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