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Greetings to all.

I thought it would be fun to post my findings in my journey to learning how to grow. Its hard enough learning how to grow when it comes to the basics. For some, it probably came easy. Not for me anyway. Medical grade strains being the "new and improved" in contrast to the good old days of high school nickel baggies. Quality not being a huge issue, at least at my high school.

So, I'm a patient listed as my own caregiver planning to learn how to grow. I would like to add to my grow once I'm up and running to add patients. I plan to learn from the ground up the basics at the same time fine tuning for medical grade. Discussing the strains, growing systems, lighting, nutrients, and any other facts a newbie should know. Please feel free to comment and help me along the way. I think my next blog will be targeting choice of strain.

So, until then...


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