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Trying To Find House ! In Michigan Please Help



Hi, Im in need of a house to rent as Im moving up from ohio. Ive found it difficult to find a place and know where the best place to be is. I need a landlord that can work with me . I have money, and I work for myself so no shortage of income. So I basically need a owner of a property of real estate agent that can handle someone with bad credit, and a criminal record (only misdemeanors). I am in need of the best places to live to stay within state law as Ive noticed certian places are not good for patients. I would like a place in the country if possible, or away from neibors(as I like my privacy), or on a lake, or close to Ohio boarder like Monroe. thanks for any help I can pay as much as 1300 a month . and 6 months down thanks


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I also have housing that fits your situation to a T. Rent is $1,000 a month plus one months security deposit. You pay the utilities and comply with the Mi state statute and everything will be good. The homes are located in Monroe County and the neighbors are all MMJ friendly.

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