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My Room



I built my room from scratch in my basement. I have 3.5 Mil plastic stapled to all the walls with taped seems to make it as sealed as possible, I also have mylar on the walls and a tarp taped to the floor.


I currently have


In The Flower Room (8x8)


- 1 1000 Watt Magnetic Ballast

- 1 Magnum XXL 6' Hood

- 9000 BTU Portable A/C

- Dehumidifier

- 750 CFM Vortex Inline fan

- 750 CFM PhreshAir Carbon Filter

- 450 CFM Inline fan (for venting the Hoods)

- 16 inch wall mounted fan

- CO2 Tank and regulator

- Atlas 1

- Temp/Humidity Reader

- Titan Apollo 5 timer for Light


In The Veg Room (8x8)


- 1 400 Watt Galaxy Digital Ballast

- 1 Yield Master Supreme sealed hood

- 16 Inch wall mounted fan

- Titan Apollo 3 timer (for cloner)

- Titan Apollo 5 timer for Light

- Temp/Humidity Reader

- Home made 4 spot cloner ( 1 Eco Air 2 Air Pump, 1 396 GPH Water Pump, 2 8 inch air stones, 4 2 inch cups and 4 2 inch foam inserts)


I will be adding stuff daily.


Recommended Comments

Take A small piece of your reflector sheet and light it on fire, once you see how flammable it is you should consider taking it down. Fire inspector had my boys take it all down, after they have covered a huge grow for hours. Just a friendly FYI, other than that garden looks great.

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