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To The Legislature Of The State Of Michigan: Implement The Medical Marihuana Act Don’T Amend It.

Michael Komorn


To the Legislature of the State of Michigan: Implement the Medical Marihuana Act Don’t Amend it.




The Voters of the state of Michigan by an overwhelming majority of 63% approved the medical use of Marihuana. The medical marihuana community has yet to see the government implement the law as it was intended. The cards remain 7 months behind, there have been no new conditions added to the registry and the privacy of the patient registry is still being debated. The program has taken in over 14 million dollars over the last 4 years and not one penny of it has gone to educate, teach or train Law Enforcement to look at medical marihuana differently. Our attorney general has been on a political crusade against the medical marihuana community for 2 years, giving justification the state wide law enforcement agencies to ignore the protections of the act.Additionally Courts from across the state are depriving patients and caregivers the most basic right of presenting a medical marihuana defense to a jury in a criminal case. With cases pending in the Michigan Supreme Court on the right to present a defense, the locked enclosed facility, section 4 section 8, zero tolerance, and the unregistered patient, the Legislature is set to begins hearings on several bills that seek to amend the act. Any such legislative endeavor would require a 75 percent vote in both houses, and the elections for many of those who will be asked to be part of the 75 percent are up for reelection in 2012.


Planet Green Trees Episode 80 brings you: Special Guest State Representative Phil Cavanagh (D) District 17, House Judiciary Committee and State Representative Jeff Irwin (D) District 53. Listen to the debate and discussion about the pending bills, the perceived problems with the Michigan medical marihuana act, and the suggestions to avoid amending the act. Listen to the debate, then go to the e-omatic letter writing system on the http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/email/MMMA_minorml_email_form_letter1.html and send a letter to your representative or senator discouraging them from any vote that would amend the MMMA. Tell them to implement the act so patients and caregivers are protected, not amend it to make it easier for law enforcement to arrest.


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