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Tga Qush Test Grow



I am starting off a new strain and flowering it out in a new closet too. This will be my first time using a 600 W HPS.


I was selected as a test grower in December 2011. I received the seeds early January 2012, free of course, thanks to Subcool and XBRPete. Although Subcool did release the seeds for sale after his own test grows proved to be worthy. The seeds were released on April 20, 2012 and quickly sold out.


Qush Seeds 1 3 12


I only had room in my grow to start two seeds and I got lucky with the two seeds that I germinated, both were female.


I also got lucky and it appears that I have two main phenotypes, a tall one and a short stocky one. Quish is a very hardy plant. The stem or stalk is very thick and sturdy. It has been a pleasure to grow thus far.


I like to use at minimum a 12 oz cup to start the seeds. To help reduce any stress, I put a baggie over the cup. By doing this it has helped me achieve a higher female ratio when growing from seed.


Qush Seed 2 germinated 1 12 12


Qush plants 1 & 2 1 22 12


The growth has been a bit slow, that is my fault, I am still fumbling around trying to get a good veg room established. I still have not achieved that. Just one of those projects that keeps getting put on the back burner.


Qush At 5 And 6 weeks Top view 2012 02220032


Qush At 5 And 6 weeks side view 2012 02220035


Here you can clearly see the difference between the two phenotypes.


Qush 1 Qush 2 11 & 12 weeks 2012 03220024


Identification of the first female.


Qush 1 preflower 2012 02260004


Qush 1 preflower zoom  2012 02260002


Here they are in the flower room. Soon after this picture was taken I swapped the Querkle and BBJ on the right. Keep that in mind when viewing the additional pictures.


Qush In The New flower room 2012 04120014


Beginning to flower.


Qush And others 2012 04270021


After the stretching was over Pheno 1 measured at 45" and Pheno 2 which did not stretch at all measured 35".


Qush 1 2012 04270020


Qush 2 2012 04270019


Qush Pheno 1   2012 05150016


Qush Pheno 1 Bud 2012 05180006


Qush Pheno 2   2012 05150004


Qush Pheno 2   2012 05150021



Qush Pheno 2 Bud 2012 05180003


Crop In small closet Qush In The middle   2012 05150014


Crop In small closet Quish In The middle 2012 05150007

At this point each pheno has a strong aroma of lemon candy. I sure hope they keep it too. It has been a very long time since I have had some good lemon bud!


Here are the cuttings. I took three of each pheno to be sure not to lose a keeper.


On the right in the grey pots are 6 Qush clones. On the left are Querkle in the orange pots.


Querkle And Qush Clones 2012 05180009



I will finish this up in the near future. This is the point I am at now. Within 4 weeks they should be harvested and on the way to a smoke report.


Recommended Comments

It is harvest time!

I was not able to pull pheno 1 out of the grow room in the bucket without damaging it so I had to cut that one down before the final pictures.


Pheno 2 is my favorite so far. I give it an A+ at this point. The buds are very dense and heavy.


Both Phenotypes had no deformities or problems. Each harvested between 7 and 8 weeks. Each pheno has a strong citrus aroma.


Growing the Qush, I prefer the shorter of the two, the one I refer to as pheno 2. It accommodates indoor growing very well as it is short and stocky.


However, the proof is in the puddin, or shall we say paper, lol. We won't know anything until the smoke report.


A yield and smoke report will be available within a week.


Qush Harvest time! pheno 2 In The Pot 2012 06040042 2

Qush Harvest time! Pheno 2 In The Pot 2012 06040039 2

Qush Pheno 2 2012 06040038

Qush Pheno 2 2012 06040033

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After harvesting and trimming here is how each fared.


Pheno 1 produced slightly over 2.5 oz after drying. The flavor is like a candy coated Pre-98 Bubba Kush. That is the best that I can describe it. I personally did not care for this pheno. The buzz is pretty good, a happy medium between head and body. It comes on quickly though. I rate this one average.


Pheno 2 produced about 2.25 ounces after drying. The buds are extremely dense and heavy. You can easily fit 2 ounces in a quart size jar without squishing them. Since the buds are so dense, it took a few extra days to fully dry/cure to get the good taste. The flavor is like the original Pre-98 Bubba Kush with a nice hint of lemon. The buzz is like a creeper, takes about 10 or so minutes before feeling the full effects. This one seems more potent than the taller pheno 1. The aroma of it is the same, like Pre-98 Bubba Kush with a nice hint of lemon, also it has an old school good green weed smell, taste, and buzz. If Subcool's goal was to perfect the original Pre-98 Bubba Kush, this pheno 2 has fully succeeded that in my opinion.


Qush Pheno 2 2012 06080002

Qush Pheno 2 2012 06080005

Qush Pheno 2 2012 06080017



I have not grown, but have sampled the Pre-98 Bubba Kush. Quite honestly, I did not care for the taste, but I liked the bud and buzz. With this Pre-98 Bubba Kush / Space Queen cross, I am loving it! smileyheartgif.gif The more I sample the Qush, pheno 2, the more I like it, with the nice hint of lemon, it makes all the difference of the taste for me. We all have our preferences, and this is mine.


The Qush pheno 2 is a keeper in my grow room, no doubt about it.


I sat and sampled some of the bud from the shorter pheno with one of my patients. We have come to the conclusion that the shorter pheno Qush is by far the best we have smoked since the Medical Marijuana law was enacted here in Michigan (2008-09). This is in reference to potency and quality of buzz, it is the best we have tried.


The Qush is the most potent strain I have in my garden now. My other strains are rather potent, but Qush, the shorter pheno, has beat them all.


The taller of the two phenos, I rate that one average. It is good smoke and all, good flavor, and decent buzz. It also has a slightly larger yield than the shorter pheno.


I would like to note that the shorter pheno, the one I like the best, did not stretch after flipping to 12/12. It grew, filled in, but did not stretch hardly at all.


Next I will be growing out the clones. I am very hopeful that they maintain the same quality and flavor as the original plant from seed.


I will report back after they are finished.

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After growing out a clone of pheno 1, I allowed it to ripen more than with the original seed plant. The potency was about the same as pheno 2. No problems, deformaties, mold issues, just not a fan of the pre-98 bubba kush taste.


Pheno 2, the one I chose to keep, after smoking it a while, it is about equivalent to my other strains. At first it seemed stronger because it was something new. I will keep that in mind for future new strains. Something interesting about this pheno is my patients mentioned that it has a nice banana flavor. I agree, it does.


Unfortunately, pheno 2 does have a problem and I will most likely not keep it. It is very susceptible to mold. The most susceptible strain I have seen yet. Also, the mold that I did see, which was on the king buds, was a mold that I have not seen before. It was a whitish blue powder between the stem and bud, not visible until manicuring. I had to destroy those king buds, and it hurt to need to do so.


Other than the mold issue, I really like the pheno 2 strain.


It is winter right now and it should be safe to grow it out while the air is dry. I don't see myself growing it again, especially during the humid months.

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