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From: Breakthrough Technology For Pain Management



Breakthrough Technology Pain-Relief Device ICE-O-Therm Uses Simultaneous Heat And Cold. The ICE-O-therm is a unique product that simultaneously applies heat and cold therapy to block out pain.



The ICE-O-therm originated from the unique insight that the simultaneous application of heat and cold together was more effective than heat or cold alone.


release-topquote.gifSaringer Life Science Technologies Inc., is a medical device company providing innovative therapeutic solutions for patients.release-bottomquote.gif

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

Saringer Life Science Technologies Inc., a Canadian medical device manufacturer, has re-launched their newest, patented product, ICE-O-therm. The ICE-O-therm is a small, hand-held, hyper-stimulating device that has been proven to be highly effective in temporarily reducing or eliminating pain in the joints, head, neck and other areas where chronic pain is typically situated.

“The ICE-O-therm works by applying both heat and cold simultaneously to the affected area creating maximum stimulation. This phenomenon known as the Thermal Grill Illusion overwhelms the nerves in the area to block out pain," says engineer/inventor, John Saringer. In addition, 4 LED’s are engineered into the small applicator head to add additional, point-specific sensory stimulation. The combination of these competing stimuli distracts the brain from the sensation of pain, providing from four to more than eight hours of relief.

In the early 1990’s, John Saringer, a Canadian engineer and successful inventor of medical devices, began to study the effects of heat and cold for the temporary treatment of pain. He observed that there were many devices available on the market designed either to provide some kind of sensory stimulation that will distract a person from their pain, or to interrupt the pain pattern. Noting that both heat and cold treatment products have been proven to be very effective sensory stimulators, Saringer observed that "contrast therapy," or the sequential application of heat therapy and cold therapy, was more effective than heat or cold alone. John Saringer's contribution to this field of investigation is the enhanced pain relief control that comes from the concurrent application of heat and cold.

Saringer Life Science Technologies is a privately-owned company that was founded by engineer/inventor, John Saringer. He works extensively with leading physicians/surgeons in the development of new and improved medical treatment devices in the fields of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prevention, vascular solutions, wound healing intervention and pain management. For more information, please visit http://www.iceotherm.com or call (905) 888-1888.




Source: Breakthrough Technology For Pain Management


Source: http://www.prweb.com...rweb9520041.htm


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