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Beauty Or Aroma Or Taste?



Lets hear you input on the subject, this could very well help guide new patients form a conclusion on what the majority of the community looks for when they use marijuana for the first time!


Whats more important, Beauty or aroma and flavor, how about the potency of the medication where does that fall in the mix?


Buzz length, type, strain, anything of the sort. Let hear your thoughts,


Would you rather have a really ugly bud with great smell and taste…. Or a beautiful flower covered in glistening trich that smells and tastes like dog poo? Opinion question. Whats more important? Beauty or aroma and flavor?


Me personaly I love a beautiful looking bud, something that everyone wants to get a glance at when I open my bag.. BUT......I always seems to steer towards a strain that has that 'Taste' that you just can't describe w/o tasting it yourself.. As for Buzz Lengh It is a big part of which Meds I choose to use and when I use that strain, I don't always prefer that gorgeous bud that smells awesome but puts me in a couch lock state for hours and hours. Thats not always a positive for myself.. I choose TASTE!


What about you guys what are your thoughts on this subject, buzz, beauty, taste, smell, strengh?







Source: Beauty Or Aroma Or Taste?


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