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Today Is Independent’s Day!

Ms Chocolate


Today is Independent’s Day; the day set aside by Congress to celebrate freedom. When this day was first established, it was to tout the colonies freedom from British oppressors. What freedoms are we celebrating today?


Some people in this country will celebrate the Federal Supreme Court deciding that we may have possible freedom from bankruptcy caused by ever increasing medical bills. Granted, we may end up fined for lacking medical insurance.


It’s not talked about, but I see the farming industry aligning itself with the health care industry. There are cries for rules and regulation on food stuff that have been pointed to as causing health problems, therefore not worthy of subsidies. These pulled subsidies will be used to provide mandated health care. The large farms will be forced to change to a more holistic and ecology enriched way of production. Aligning with health care is a way to recoup funds lost to health care reform. These industries can celebrate the freedom to a new, perceived acceptable form of profit.


In Michigan’s “Medical Marihuana” community; there is freedom in knowing that its Supreme Court has stated that the Act that was voted on in 2008 is to be viewed though the eyes of the common man, not though past laws and court decisions.


When it comes to accepting money to buy political views, a corporation can be seen as a person. This “person” now controls my government and the control that that government has on me. So right now, I am celebrating that I can express my views publicly and uncensored, except by self. I wish a Happy and unfiltered Independent’s Day to all of you celebrating the same freedom.


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